Wellness For The Wise inc

ARA Wellness For The Wise Inc

ARA Emotional Wellness Mental Hygiene Inc. believes mental health is not simply a challenge youth, young adults and adults experience. Older individuals experience mental health challenges equally if not on a greater scale. For this reason, we have created ARA Wellness for the Wise Inc.
An organization geared towards the senior population to assist them in their aging journey, to better navigate their experiences as they get older mentally.
Our organization’s goals and objectives are to support, raise awareness , and educate our communities on tackling the various aspects of the emotional and mental health of aging, particularly the mental illnesses seniors encounter.
We’ve assembled a team of  Mental Health professionals with geriatric experience. Individuals who work with the elderly population with various mental health issues  in our communities  battle,  and are coping with such as severe cognitive impairment, isolation, affective and anxiety disorders, dementia, and psychosis, amongst many others are the various challenges they should not face alone.
ARA Wellness for the Wise is here to support these seniors along with their families and friends, who are also affected by these issues.

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