Wellness Room Inc

ARA Wellness Room Inc

ARA Wellness Room Inc. LLC is an after-school program geared towards children with special needs and behavioral challenges. ARA Wellness Room Inc LLC. Is a division of ARA Emotional Wellness Mental Hygiene inc. A Mental Health practice providing one-one, group, and family therapy. Founded by Nicholson S Pierre, adjudicates the need for Special needs and Behavioral health service to children after school hours, to those children in need of supplemental service and parents who are unable to tend to their child due to economical constraints.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at ARA Wellness Room is simple. We strive to provide a safe, nurturing, and inspiring school environment full of academic rich materials and plentiful opportunities to ensure each child gets the best possible start in life. We offer structured but learning rich and fun programs that are developmentally and age appropriate for each child. Our facility is open to all children, emphasis on school age children with Emotional challenges and Behavioral health issues ages of the Brooklyn community, as well as surrounding areas.

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